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Hitting a brick wall when it comes to getting words written or correct?
I can help.

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Marlene Ditchfield

A formally trained journalist, I have spent almost 40 years working in the broadcasting and print media, local government communication, and at central government level managing electorate offices for members of parliament.

The broad range of writing skills required has honed an inherent love of words and I am adept at presenting the written word in a wide range of forms – from short sharp messages to in-depth essay writing, to the telling of tales from a human interest/historical perspective.

I have had two history books published, ‘Helping Hands’ on the story of Wairarapa’s health services, and another on the history of the ‘Mt Bruce Community Hall and its district’ – celebrating the hall’s centenary. I have also written two books on paternal and maternal links, capturing the history of the time from when my ancestors came to New Zealand.

These days, I contract as a feature writer to the Wairarapa Time-Age. Two publications are my responsibility. I also contribute a history column and stories to magazines such as NZ Memories and NZ Heritage.

I am a member of a long-standing Wellington-based writing group, initiated by Dame Fiona Kidman, we meet regularly to work on our various projects. I have had the privilege of editing one member’s memoirs, presented in companion books.

Contact me if you have a project that needs sound and effective writing. You’ll be amazed how important, and effective, the right words can be.

What I do.
Understandable Copy

I write interesting and easily understood copy for people to digest.

Editing Service

I will edit your words to create an engaging and concise piece of work.

Histories & Biographies

I specialize in writing history pieces and biographies that are well researched and captivating to read.


I have known of Marlene's work for more than 30 years and have hired her to do human interest articles for my clients’ publications. Marlene is a skilled and professional writer with a wonderful warm manner that gives reluctant interviewees the confidence to 'open up'. She writes to a brief, observes deadlines, and where something needs to be clarified or expanded upon, she does so promptly. I have no hesitation in recommending Marlene's services.

Trevor Walton Director, WHAM Media.

Women in Business was a huge bumper edition this year and I was thrilled to be able to help. Marlene, you’re an absolute legend!

Erin Kavanagh-Hall, Writer

Marlene. We appreciate and value the dedication you put into this project. You did an exceptional job writing the profiles of inspirational women in our region.

Andrea Hay, Commercial Manager, Wairarapa Times Age

Marlene. I have just seen the Women in Business supplement to the Times-Age. Congratulations – it’s a great piece of work.
Good for you!

Chris Ryan, Writer and Editor

Thanks Marlene. A massive project and your methodical approach is commendable. You should be super proud of your effort on this.

Andrew Denholm, Publisher, Wairarapa Times Age

Many thanks to Marlene Ditchfield as my editor, who went beyond her brief in helping to develop my writing into a readable and understandable form.

Paul de Latour - Author "Lavericks Bay - the history and its people".

After scribbling my life story in an exercise book for some months, I contacted Marlene to see if she could type it up into a readable form.

She was marvellous and turned it into a series of stories for my mokopuna. She even suggested a few photos to give it context and colour.

I am forever grateful.

Paul Samuel



The research Marlene undertook for the Mt Bruce Hall history book was both comprehensive and thorough. This included interviews with many people, hours spent looking through people’s photo collections and at the local archive. Her work resulted in a beautiful 104-page book that is a treasure to us all. The book is divided into appropriate topical chapters with many photos, all captioned. Marlene’s writing style includes much historic detail, while also being very readable. We appreciated that she paid close attention to accuracy and worked with our community to complete this project.

Gill Murray. Chairman Mt Bruce Hall centenary committee 2013-2015



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Hitting a brick wall when it comes to getting words written or correct?

I can help.

Hitting a brick wall when it comes to getting words written or correct?

I can help.

Hitting a brick wall when it comes to getting words written or correct?

I can help.